Tim and Mary Post set up shop in 1991 with a 5,000 square foot hardware store in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Since 2001, they have taken advantage of Do it Best Corp. Retail Performance programs to grow to six locations and to complement their retail hardware business with the Do it Best Rental CenterTM.
Keeping Product Up-to-Date with the Opportunity Program
As they have acquired additional locations over the years, Tim and Mary have found that using the Opportunity Program is the quickest and most effective way to remerchandise stores so that customers see the immediate impact of new ownership. On an annual basis, the Posts also re-evaluate their entire product offering in each of their stores and use the Opportunity Program to perform updates.
The Opportunity Program offers member-owners financial incentives on more than 1,000 planograms to help them improve store performance and keep their merchandising current year-round. Top sellers for each planogram are pre-selected by the retail experts at Do it Best Corp. and updated daily. For the Posts, this means confidence that they consistently have the product mix and assortment customers are looking for in each of their stores.
Growing Rental Business with the Rental Center
The Posts had a solid rental business featuring small tools, a few party items and customer service that included event planning when they joined Do it Best Corp. Over time, they recognized that they were missing a big opportunity by not owning larger pieces of equipment, and their co-op membership has provided many advantages toward growing this segment of their business. Because of the financial strength and buying power of Do it Best Corp., T&M Hardware & Rental Center gets better pricing on equipment than other rental stores. They also receive outstanding vendor support, because manufacturers treat them as part of the larger co-op, and not just as individual locations.
Tim and Mary also feel that Do it Best Corp. supports their day-to-day success in the rental category, especially through the Rental Training School and the ADpakSM program, with its ability to incorporate rental equipment and prices within T&M Hardware & Rental Center’s advertising circulars.
Retail Logistics
In the winter of 2015, icy temperatures and record snowfall in the Northeast provided ample sales opportunities for stores that could maintain their inventory throughout the harshest conditions.
When the big box stores in Ellwood City ran out of ice melt and snow shovels in mid-February and could not reorder, the local news covered the full stock available at T&M Hardware & Rental Center, leading to record-breaking sales. Tim proudly shares that in 25 years of business, his stores have never run out of safety salt – and he gives all credit to the Retail Logistics team at Do it Best Corp., which he calls “one of the best kept secrets in the industry.”
All in all, Tim and Mary are convinced that Do it Best Corp. has been the catalyst that has helped them thrive despite a down economy. And growing the family business beyond their wildest dreams is how they define success.
“We’ve told countless people that there’s no way we could have grown from our original store to owning six profitable locations without the help of Do it Best Corp. It simply wouldn’t have been possible.”
- Tim Post

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