Store Design
Flexible options to maximize sales and build local brand  
The Do it Best Signature™ Store Design Program offers a flexible, comprehensive, and scalable approach to help members of all sizes and types design a store that fits their unique market and location. Our program helps members build upon their strengths and accent their local brand. We offer three different programs to fit member and market needs.


Fully Branded​

For a tested and proven fast track to branding, the Fully Branded Do it Center® will be the right choice. Continuing the use of the eye catching warm red as the anchor color, the Do it Center will capitalize on the successful brand equity it has earned over the past 25 years.




In combining a member's established brand equity with the strengthened visibility of Do it Best®, the   Co-Branded format is a perfect fit. This program also provides some flexibility in design, giving members the option to use their own brand color.

Member Branded




For members who have built tremendous equity around their own brand and also want to promote their affiliation with Do it Best®, the Member Branded pathway is the answer. This option offers a custom design with the member's brand and logo as the main feature.