Retail Programs
BankCard Solutions
Today, consumers use credit and debit cards to make most of their purchases. We offer a comprehensive credit card program, which includes American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA,  as well as our Do it Best Gift Card™, with one of the nation’s largest processors – all at very competitive rates. We are able to meet most every integration need for point of sale providers and ecommerce platforms. We also offer a stand-alone terminal option. 
Gift cards
GiftCard4M.gifGift cards present an easy and proven way to generate more sales, increase store traffic, and satisfy your customers, and are worth far more than their initial investment or monetary value. Gift cards increase store traffic – and drive more profits for your store because they bring in two different customers: the buyer and the recipient. More than 80% of gift card purchasers buy more than one card and more than 65% of recipients spend more than the value of the card.  Our eye-catching standard designs, as well as a custom card option, are supported by a complete success kit.   
Best Rewards™ card
best-rewards-card.jpgOur Best Rewards customer loyalty program is proven to increase your customer recency, frequency, and monetary spend in your store. Flexible, prearranged reward promotions are designed to drive year-round business. The rewards are sent on your behalf, with your store branded logo placed in multiple spaces so that consumers recognize your program and store together. Members using Best Rewards experience a redemption rate up to 60% on rewards sent to their customers.

You have additional customization through the program:
  • Tiered Levels to segment customer point thresholds toward earning rewards. This helps you manage your contractor customers differently than standard shoppers.  
  • Point Manager allows you to limit, exclude, or offer bonus points by SKU or department on items storewide. This feature offers a variety of options and is the perfect way to manage the risk associated with low margin items.
Best Rewards helps accelerate your business by giving you turnkey promotions and data to drive customers back into your store more often to buy more of your products.
Do it Best® Radio
DIB-Radio-Logo.jpgThis winning program offers you your very own radio station, in-store marketing program, and on-hold music system all in one convenient service. You can custom brand the music station with your store name, while highlighting sales, promoting personal messages to recognize employees, and even selling advertising to your vendors. It’s a great way to build and reinforce your store’s brand instead of just playing background music and someone else's commercials.