Our Philosophy
pwu2.jpgMenus, not mandates
We offer members a complete menu of solutions and services that are flexible, customizable, and scalable to fit their exact needs. Members decide what programs will help their store grow and how to best use them in their local market. While other co-ops take a more rigid approach with restrictive mandates, we believe our members know what works best for their store. We have an exceptionally strong selection of programs and best of all, members only pay for the services they actually use!

Building a local brand is most important
Each store and market is unique, and we want to help Do it Best Corp. members build their local brand in their local market. This is why we don’t believe that standardized, national advertising is beneficial to our diverse membership. Since each store has unique products, services, and customers, we believe that our members are in the best position to determine how to promote their store. Our fully customizable advertising programs are developed to help every member highlight their strengths and showcase their store as the premier retailer in their local market.

Accessibility of staff
When we talk about our philosophy of serving others as we would like to be served, the core of that is being responsive to the needs of our members. Our team embraces it at every level. When members need us, we're here to help, and we are just a phone call or email away.

Financial strength
Do it Best Corp. is the only Dunn & Bradstreet 5A1 credit rated co-op in our industry. Our exceptional financial strength allows us to deliver our members both an up-front cash flow advantage as well as the industry's largest year-end rebate. It's a powerful combination and a prescription for profitability for our member-owners.