The story of the rise of Lockridge, Inc. from a small farm and hardware store to four locations of full-line lumberyards illustrated the importance of adapting to meet the changing needs of your customers. Today, 70 percent of the company's business is devoted to serving professional building and remodeling contractors. Throughout southern Iowa and northern Missouri, Lockridge now employs 65 people.

A Family Affair

Dale and Jill Housh have owned Lockridge for a decade and run the company with sons Clint and Caleb, daughter Courtney, and both a daughter- and son-in-law. As Clint says, "Many people are wary of working with their family, but it works very well for us. We're all different, but we have the same interests at hand." The Housh family also credits the company's success to their high employee retention rate. "We're very family oriented,” adds Clint. “We don't want our people to miss out on their kids' sporting events or school programs. We all cover for each other, and that's a real positive for our business."

State-of-the-art Technology. Small-town Service.

Lockridge is at the forefront with in-house CAD design capabilities and experienced employees who produce drawings right in the store. But while technology may be helping to drive sales growth, the company relies on personal service to set it apart. A prime example is the fact that as area contractors have taken jobs farther from their home locations, Lockridge has been right there with them — investing in large trucks with mountable forklifts for long-distance deliveries. Clint also says that continuous product training has helped Lockridge employees enhance service and provide expert project advice.

Looking Ahead

Today, with a second generation stepping into key roles, Dale and Jill are realizing their dream of creating a lasting legacy. As the company continues to expand its reach into new markets, one thing is abundantly clear — Lockridge, Inc. is driven by family pride.