Just like Do it Best Corp., we succeed by having the most knowledgeable people in the LBM Industry. Our business has evolved a great deal since 1945, and today we have three locations in Tennessee: a lumberyard millwork operation in Franklin, a lumberyard in Mt. Juliet and a state-of-the-art truss plant and lumberyard in Murfreesboro.

There are all kinds of different strategies in this business. From everything we've seen, Do it Best Corp. really has a knack for helping member-owners succeed, whether they're traditional hardware stores, home centers, pro yards, e-tailers or upscale specialty stores. When we became Do it Best members back in 1988, we had more of a hardware focus. As it happened, at the same time our lumber business grew, so did the co-op's LBM services and expertise. Today, it's a very good partnership because of all the ways our business aligns with their strengths. To begin with, we stake our reputation on quality materials. Like Do it Best Corp., we only want to do business with quality mills. Plus, we handle a lot of big jobs, so having predictable availability and delivery is critical to our operations. That's where services like reserve inventory and reload centers really help us maintain our reputation for dependability.
When you deal with a commodity like lumber, you need to understand the market and have a good grasp of all of the factors that affect pricing and availability. The LBM team at Do it Best Corp. is extremely experienced, and we depend on them for their market analysis and valuable insights. It really helps us with our decision making on a day-to-day basis. Of course, we also appreciate being part of a co-op that has the lowest cost of operations and, as a result, can return the highest rebate to its members.
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