When Scott Jerousek chose Do it Best Corp. as his co-op, he liked that they offered him both the freedom to utilize the programs and services that work best for his business and the experts to help determine which ones those were. Recently, he has become increasingly focused on building the loyalty of a younger generation of customers, and the flexibility of the co-op’s programs has proven especially valuable. Scott takes full advantage of Best RewardsSM and ADpakSM, Do it Best Corp. programs designed to help him extend his marketing reach and frequency across all customer touchpoints.
Building Customer Loyalty with Best Rewards
By offering $10 off of purchases of $25 or more just for signing up, Farm & Home Do it Best® Hardware has grown its Best Rewards loyalty database to more than 11,000 members. The program helps Scott’s team develop these initial sign-ups into long-term, value-added customer relationships, while also allowing him to learn more about his shoppers’ buying habits. The more his Best Rewards members shop, the more data Scott has available to shape his approach to merchandising and advertising.
Reaching Current and Prospective Customers with ADpak
Although its home town of Wellington, Ohio, has only 5,000 people, Farm & Home Do it Best Hardware pulls from an area of 15 miles in every direction, so Scott’s team regularly sends out approximately 23,000 circulars and 33,000 broad sheets. Using the fully customizable ADpak program, Scott has launched an integrated marketing campaign that utilizes customer information from the Best Rewards program as well as a larger list to create targeted postcards with different features and offers, based on whether the recipient is an existing or potential customer. Using customer history, his team can create personalized messages with relevant offers.
Social Media & Email Marketing
Scott has a full-time social media coordinator to handle the store’s Facebook and email marketing presence, where they promote in-store activities that help customers earn rewards points. She also makes sure that posts and emails contain offers and information that are relevant to their customers. They’re well on their way to further mining Best Rewards customer history data to tailor their email marketing more effectively.
One big advantage of this approach is that every aspect is measurable, so Scott’s team can learn who has responded, how much they've spent and the store’s exact advertising return on investment. As Scott learns about his customer base, he is free to refine his advertising strategy as he sees fit to further establish Farm & Home Do it Best Hardware as the premier home improvement retailer in the Wellington area – which, to him, defines success.

“I value the flexibility I have with Do it Best Corp. – there are no mandates. They honestly want to see members succeed, and they do everything they possibly can to make that happen.” 
- Scott Jerousek
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