Capps Home Building Center has been operating in its current location since 1998, providing quality building materials to contractors in Moneta, Virginia, in the Smith Mountain Lake recreation area. With its success serving the needs of professional builders, General Manager Bruce Shelton admits the company never gave much thought to its retail strategy and committed just 8,800 square feet of the store to showroom space. But as the 500 miles of nearby lakeshore drew more people to the area for vacation and retirement homes, the potential to grow their retail presence became apparent.


It Starts with Solid Research

The Do it Best Corp. Retail Performance team implemented a comprehensive market analysis that revealed a tremendous opportunity for growth in a wide range of new and expanded product categories. That research led to a two-phase project — phase one added a large home décor showroom featuring windows, doors, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, decking, and roofing. Phase two expanded the lawn and garden section and added a 2,100-square-foot greenhouse. It also opened Bruce's eyes to new ways to better serve his pro customers in existing areas such as plumbing and electrical, which were also expanded.

Remaining Open

Bruce had two mandatory objectives for the project: the store must remain open throughout the expansion work, and that the home décor and lawn & garden areas not look or feel like an afterthought. The Do it Best Corp. team facilitated the first objective by expertly managing the logistics as the huge amount of inventory began to arrive. To accomplish the second, the Do it Best Signature™ Store Design team ensured that the new interior flowed seamlessly and that the exterior was fully integrated into the store's façade.

Exceeding Expectations

In the year since the grand re-opening, Bruce has heard countless comments from customers, both pros and DIYers, who are pleased they no longer have to make the 18-mile drive to a large chain store. Most importantly, retail sales are up 26 percent and have far exceeded initial projections.

Working Side By Side

Bruce credits the experience of the Do it Best Corp. team for making the project a success. "If we had not had our co-op to guide us through this process, we would not have been able to do it,” he said. “It was a massive undertaking, and their team was right beside us stocking shelves and putting up new signage until we were done."


“We've always been strong supporters of Do it Best Corp. because of the quality of the team and how seriously they take their commitment to their members. I tell others in the industry that if they want to grow their business, they need to join Do it Best Corp. because it's the only co-op with the dedicated people and the proven programs to help you succeed.”

- Bruce Shelton