About Us

Founded in 1945, Do it Best Corp. (formerly Hardware Wholesalers Inc. or HWI) is the only US-based, member-owned comprehensive and fully integrated hardware, lumber and building materials buying cooperative in the home improvement industry. Serving thousands of member-owned locations throughout the United States and in 52 countries, Do it Best Corp. is comprised of independent hardware, home center, lumberyard, commercial/industrial and web-based businesses. With annual sales of $3.02 billion, Do it Best Corp. is the second largest co-op in the industry.

Through Do it Best Corp., members can buy direct from more than 3,000 vendors and still take advantage of their strong group buying power. Members also gain ordering flexibility, which allows them to order the quantities they actually need. They can then pass on these savings to their customers in the form of competitively-priced products.

Another advantage of Do it Best Corp. membership is the co-op's extremely efficient operation. The company boasts the lowest costs in the hardware co-op industry. Do it Best Corp. achieved these marks with no long-term debt.

High efficiency is important to a buying co-op like Do it Best Corp. because profits are returned to the members in the form of year-end rebates. Total 2016 rebate returned to members was $115.5 million.

Do it Best Corp. also provides its members with retail support programs to help them grow their businesses, including ADpakSM advertising and merchandising and the SignatureSM Store Design Program. Members can also implement programs like the Do it Best Rental CenterSM, Home Décor, and InCom Distributor SupplySM, which provide a complete package for increasing store traffic in specific product areas.

For more information about Do it Best Corp., please contact the Do it Best Corp. communications director at 260.748.5307 or visit the corporate website at doitbestcorp.com.